Anna (アンナ, Anna?) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy IV. She is Tellah's daughter, and Edward Chris von Muir's lover.


Anna and Edward were engaged to be married, but Tellah would not consent to their marriage. As a result, they ran away towards Damcyan and eloped. Tellah became furious, and went to search for Anna, meeting Cecil Harvey and Rydia as he made way to see Damcyan. As Anna decides to return home, Damcyan is attacked by Baron's Red Wings and Anna is mortally wounded.

Anna took the arrows meant for Edward, and Tellah blames her wounds on Edward. Tellah and Edward get into a fight (giving rise to the infamous quote, "You spoony bard!"), and Anna has to break them up, insisting that she loves Edward. She tells Tellah Golbez is behind the attack, and she dies shortly after. Tellah storms off to avenge Anna's death. His harp near the oasis in Kaipo. A Sahagin is summoned as a result, and Edward has to defeat it. Anna's ghost appears in the fight, and she tells Edward to believe in himself and be strong. She disappears after Edward is able to defeat the Sahagin, telling him to give his love for her to the world.