Final Fantasy IVEdit

Barbariccia is one of Golbez's four Archfiends, titled the Empress of the Winds in Final Fantasy IV. She makes her home in the Tower of Zot, and is protected by her three minions, the Magus Sisters. However, she does not make an appearance until Cecil Harvey and his friends attempt to rescue Rosa Farrell, who is kept in the top floor. Barbariccia then appears and blames Kain Highwind for being a traitor.

Kain in response says that he was being controlled by Golbez, and his true wish is to fight alongside Cecil. The party then fights Barbariccia and defeats her. In her dying breath, she destroys the tower, hoping that Cecil's party would be trapped inside and die as well. However, Rosa casts the spell of Teleport, and warped the party out of the tower.

Barbariccia is revived by Zemus, and makes an appearance in the Giant of Babil, along with Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, and Rubicante. Cecil's party has to defeat all four Fiends together, and succeeds.

Also, in some versions, she says that she only spared Kain's life because she had "feelings for him" as a "fellow creature of the sky".

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Barbariccia appears again in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Like the other Archfiends, she is summoned by the Crystals within the True Moon. When she regains her senses she casts Tornado on herself, then is beaten by the party. She will recognize Kain if he is the party, as well as Golbez. She bears Kain no ill will as he admits he fought her to give her peace and is overjoyed to see Golbez again, though he asks her to forgive him for fighting her. The Gungnir is received after beating her.