Edge, real name Edward Geraldine, is a player character in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Various sources offer conflicting information on Edge's name. The gallery in Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection lists Edge's artwork as "Edge (Edward) Geraldine", while other sources, including collector cards included with the game, give his name as Edward Geraldine with Edge as an alias or nickname.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Edge is a young, lean man, with short, slightly spiked silver hair and has light-blue eyes in-game. In Final Fantasy IV, Edge wears grey-blue and black armor with a grey cowl covering his mouth and a large gray cape. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edge retains the cowl but has darker blue clothing on his torso with golden armor on the shoulders and waist, and has a wavier hairstyle. His cape is exchanged for what appears to be Rubicante's Cloak of Flame, which is depicted in Edge's artwork, and can be obtained for him to wear as equipment in the game.

Edge is rude, hotheaded and stubborn, refusing to give up his pursuit of Rubicante and not backing down from the fight despite being outmatched. He is mean and obnoxious to the party at first, but comes to appreciate their help over time. He has an unrequited crush on Rydia and flirts with other females occasionally, remarking that Rydia and Rosa make "two babes in the party". He has a short temper and uses his rage as a source of power in his rematch with Rubicante, unlocking new Ninjutsu skills.

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edge is more mature, displeased with the Eblan Four's insistence to train in peacetime and thinking life would be better without the arts of war Eblan prides itself on. In contrast to their relationship in the first game, it is Edge who calms a panicking Seneschal, worried about his health at his age if he continues, and he leaves the kingdom in the Seneschal's hands when he goes to investigate the Tower of Babil.


The name "Edge" is a combination of the first two letters of his first and last names, Edward Geraldine.

Edge shares his first name with Edward, likely because they are both princes of their respective countries. (Edward's original name in Japanese is Gilbert, preventing any given name conflict.) "Edward" is a common English given name that means "rich" and "prosperous"; several kings and nobles have shared this name.

"Geraldine" is the feminine form of the given name "Gerald". It is of Old German origin, meaning "spear ruler" or "rule of the spear".