Harley is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is Edward's secretary at Damcyan, acting as an aide and emissary, and is a well-read and insightful scholar of the world.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Harley has pale skin, bright blue hair, blue eyes, and wears glasses. Her outfit consists of a dark coat with a green gradient held closed by several buckles, under which she wears an outfit with blue patterning, and dark boots.

Harley dislikes war and violence, and believes education and science are the tools that will carry humanity to the future. She finds her duties under Edward stressful, but enjoys them nonetheless. She is inquisitive and is implied to be knowledgeable on many topics. Her research has even led to her discovery of Golbez's origins, and the hand the Lunarians played in humanity's development of magic and airships.

Harley is concerned for Edward, feeling he is neglecting his royal duties by passing them off to her and the Damcyan chancellor. However, she assists him to try and ease the burden of rule while he still grieves for Anna and Tellah. When Edward confesses to her he is considering giving up the harp as his playing is not pure while he still clings to his past, Harley tells him it does not matter, as others find hope in his music, and tells him that after her parents died during the wars of Final Fantasy IV, his playing gave her hope to keep living and inspired her to come to Damcyan to serve Edward.


"Harley" is an English name for either gender that means "Spacious Meadow" or "From the Meadow".

Another possible meaning is "hare" from the Old English word hara.