Leonora is a character from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is a talented Epopt trainee determined to join the Epopts of Troia. Leonora knows White Magic from her Epopt training and learns Black Magic from Palom through training in the Tower of Trials.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Leonora is a young, blonde-haired girl with blue eyes. She wears a light blue priest's mitre and blue and green robes with lace trim and a green, yellow and blue pattern down the front. The sleeves of the robe are loose and hang down to cover her hands, and the bottom of the robes drag on the ground. In early artwork of Leonora her dress was shorter, just long enough to brush the ground instead of dragging, and there was no lace trim on the bottom. She wields a long staff topped with a circular design and a large red orb. In early artworks the orb is orange and smaller.

At the start of Palom's tale, Leonora is introduced as a humble, shy and quiet lady who has great aspirations as an Epopt. She is rarely shown to assert herself to Palom, unless he puts his life in jeopardy or insults the Epopts of Troia. Under Palom's guidance, Leonora gains more confidence in her abilities, and later takes an interest in becoming a Sage like Palom.

She eventually admits to liking Palom, and ignores his wishes in order to save his life from one of the Maenads, demonstrating courage and a strong sense of concern for her partner. Palom at one point compares Leonora to his sister, remarking "... Is there a written rule somewhere that says all White Mages have to be so stubborn?" He reveals to have faith in Leonora and a certain, mutual fondness for her, saying she passes with flying colors as his partner.


'Leonora' is a name of Greek origin that means "light". Similarly, it is the Italian short form of the name 'Eleonora', which means "shining light".