Porom is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is a White Mage from Mysidia who trains together with her twin brother, Palom.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Porom first appears as a young girl wearing an orange and white striped costume, which is worn with a green cloak and orange boots. She has brown hair worn in a high ponytail. Her brother Palom wears the same outfit, except it is green.

In The After Years Porom has pink hair, along with an ensemble of a mini-dress, striped stockings and a cloak. Many pieces of artwork featuring Porom were altered to be less revealing in the overseas versions, as was done with Rydia and Ursula. Porom's top was altered to cover her chest, which was visible from the side. The material for her outfit was also changed so it was less transparent. Porom and Palom wear matching amulets with contrasting colors - Porom's is green and Palom's is red. They are shown wearing these amulets in their artwork and renders, and can be seen wearing them in-game in some releases.

Porom is respectful and polite, and she often has to keep Palom in line with both words and discipline, often whacking him on the head when he steps over the line. However, she truly does love her brother and supports his quest to become a Sage, but believes he lacks the discipline. In a flashback in The After Years, Porom stresses her belief to Palom that mastery of both White and Black Magic alone does not make a Sage, it is why they pursue such mastery and what they do with it, as Tellah traveled the world helping people for decades to achieve his status. As an adult in The After Years, much like Palom is doing, Porom wishes to travel to see the world and hone her skills as a mage, but she places her duties to Mysidia first, especially with the Elder taken ill and the events of the game occurring around her.