Rydia, sometimes referred to as Rydia of Mist, is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is a Summoner from the village of Mist, and is one of the most prominent characters in the game.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Rydia is introduced as a seven-year old girl wearing a yellow skirt and a white cloak. In her sprites her clothes are blue, while they are black in Yoshitaka Amano's artwork of her, and dark green in her 3D remake model. Following her return as a young woman, Rydia wears a green outfit with knee-high golden heeled boots and draperies adorned in stars. During Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Rydia's attire is a single-piece green outfit that rises from her thighs to her collar, baring her hips and upper torso.

The overseas releases of The After Years censored her artwork, which included a green skirt, and covered the exposed areas of her body, as was done with Porom and Ursula, but Rydia's artwork received the most censorship. The opening movie for Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection uses this design. Rydia's hair is green, shoulder-length in Final Fantasy IV and extending past her waist in The After Years. It is often complemented by a hair ornament which has varied in design.

At first, Rydia is devastated by her mother's death and unleashes her rage on Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind, despite their attempts to help her, but after Cecil comes to her defense later Rydia bonds with him. Traveling with Cecil, Rydia sees the world and matures, telling Edward to stop crying as she has chosen not to cry. Rydia overcomes her fear of fire after melting a blockade of ice at Mt. Hobs with the Fire spell.

Rydia puts her past behind her in favor of stopping Golbez. Rydia comes to consider the Eidolons Asura and Leviathan her family, and even introduces them as her parents to Cuore. Rydia feels rejected and saddened when the two refuse to let her live in the Feymarch with them.