Final Fantasy IVEdit

Scarmiglione first appears in the Tower of Zot, where Golbez tells him that Cecil Harvey is climbing Mount Ordeals with the intention of becoming a Paladin. Golbez then sends him to kill Cecil while he is still is a Dark Knight, because Cecil is powerless against the undead. When he got to Mount Ordeals, Scarmiglione began to make hissing noises. Porom, a member of Cecil's party, blamed them on her twin brother Palom. However, Palom constantly denied that he was making them.Tellah, another member of Cecil's party, sensed something evil in the air, and it was in fact, Scarmiglione. Scarmiglione then attacked the party with the help of his four Revenants. After Cecil's party defeated Scarmiglione, he came back from the dead and attacked the party again, this time from behind and in his true form. However, Cecil's party defeated him a second time, and he fell off the ledge.

The other three fiends, especially Cagnazzo, think lowly of Scarmiglione. This is shown before fighting Cagnazzo, he says that Scarmiglione was "a weakling that never deserved to be one of the four fiends".

Scarmiglione makes an appearance with the other three Archfiends (Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, and Rubicante) in the Giant of Babil, after being revived by Zemus. However, all four are defeated again here.

Scarmiglione mentions that "death brings about [his] true power", which may imply he can only take his true form if he dies.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Scarmiglione returns in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as a boss. During the battle he begs to be killed before his soul is crushed, then afterwards thanks the party as one of the spirits of the land. If Golbez is in the party, Scarmiglione will thank him for accepting him for what he was a long time ago, despite being hideous and unworthy. The Stardust Rod is awarded after his defeat.