Princess Ursula is a character from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the daughter of Yang and Sheila as well as Cecil and Rosa's goddaughter, Ceodore's godsister and Golbez's godniece. As Yang's daughter, she is the princess of the Kingdom of Fabul. Ursula wants to be strong like her father, but he refuses to teach her.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ursula has hazel eyes, green earrings, and blonde hair tied back in pigtails with a small red rose to the side of her head. She wears a red modern-style oriental dress called a cheongsam with green flower and vine details. Ursula wears a yellow band on her upper right arm and gray shoes.

From a young age, Ursula has wished to become strong like her father and wants him to train her, but he refuses no matter how many times she begs him, scolding her for not acting in a manner not fitting her position as princess. Her determination to have her father's strength is so strong she travels up Mt. Hobs alone to train in secret. Through her journey, she learns what Yang has tried to teach her: that someone with the strength of heart needed to protect friends and family is stronger than someone with physical strength alone.


Ursula is a female given name which means "she-bear". In the Final Fantasy Character Ultimania, Ursula was originally the name of her mother, whose name was retconned to Sheila. In katakana, her name can also be read as "Ashura", a group of Hindu deities.